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Onesies – would you?

I must say I have always been a fan. You know, when you are sick, but not sick enough to be in bed.. just what are you going to wear to keep warm? A onesie with rabbit ears to cheer you up! When you want to do some yoga on Sunday morning but its soo cold you can barely move: onesie will keep your back warm in downward dog. A cute one, a funny one, a ridiculous one  or even a sexy one – take your pick and snuggle up!

Limited Edition Yellow Polka Dot Onesie





Hello world!

Honestly, there are days when I am utterly fed up with London. But if I should choose just one thing I will miss badly one day when I leave the city, it would be the overwhelming presence of style.  Inspiration is popping up on every corner and people are so innovative – anything goes in London and I just love it. Not only style present in what people wear, but the way people party, what they choose to fill their houses with, their hobbies, and  their past. I always liked to look at retro clothes and stuff, I found it fascinating how everything changes by the end of a decade, even the female figure transforms according to fashion trends!  But only in London did I really start to understand what a phenomenon vintage really is to us. When I was 16, my three best friends and I started digging out retro clothes our parents were hiding in their closets – a few treasured memories of when they were young in the 1960’s and 1970’s. We would start going to gigs and parties wearing  our dads’ suede jackets and little knitted tops our mums used to wear. I remember this blue skinny blouse with pretty daisy print – my dad gave it to my mum for her 21st birthday. I guess that is the reason why she kept it for the next 25 years.. How cute!  And here she is, looking foxy in 1970.

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