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Awesome stocking fillers

Etsy is a true online Christmas gift wonderland – and with some of these, you can even pretend you have ‘made it yourself’  ;o)

Bright Neon Green Merino Roving 4 oz

Man Gift Set Beard Conditioner Wash Cream Wild Man Gift Basket Box

Grey Frost Monster by Stuffed Silly, Plush Toy Collectible, Soft Art Doll Yeti

Fairytale Tea

Genuine Leather Short Gloves - Black - Sheepskin - Women - Winter Fall - Handmade - Free Shipping

wool embroidered Meowy Christmas Holiday Elf Hood for cat plus free catnip toy

Vintage Elgin AMerican Powder Compact Mirror Elgin American


Part of a tribe or not – this is HOT HOT HOT!

The tribal trend comes back pretty much every summer . It is the perfect antidote to floral; a strong look rather than pretty but very colourful and sexy.


Missoni did a good job this year (above – all photos from Google search engine)

However my main tribal inspiration is Kelis and her video for Acapella – I am totally obsessed with it and can watch it over and over again.

(all photos from Google search engine)

Oh she does it so well! I am going to see her at Lovebox this July. YAY!!!  Admiring these amazing costumes made me think of browsing the net for some tribal inspiration and here is the best of what I found on Etsy :

And here is the beautiful lady in action – enjoy!

Spring/Summer 2011 trends – be different and buy vintage!

We all like to try new things in spring…there is something exciting about the new beginning –  the birth of another summer. Girls everywhere are starting to wear more colourful clothes, they smile more often and are coming out in flocks hunting for new trends.  Here is a choice of some gorgeous vintage stuff from if you don’t fancy hitting the high street.


2. COLOUR BLOCKING – mix and match to create a beautiful combo – anything is allowed, even better if you go neon!

3. Be brave and dress in WHITE AND CREAM only (although not advisable if you have to use public transport, arrrgh):

4. 1970s: If you are lucky and your mum has kept her wardrobe, you have found a treasure!

If not, these will do beautifully (flower in your hair optional):

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