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Happy Birthday Marc ‘Glam’ Bolan

He was the original glam rock star, parading around London wearing feather boas, cheekbones covered with glitter. But did you know he used to be a model? He briefly joined a modelling agency, appearing in a clothing catalogue for the menswear store. He was a model for the suits in their catalogues as well as for cardboard cut-outs to be displayed in shop windows. “TOWN” magazine featured him as an early example of the mod movement in a photo spread with two other models.

It would have been his 65th birthday on 30th of September and I wonder what would Hackney-born Marc think walking through the streets of his hood these days. I reckon he would love all the hipsters! 8)

Here he is with T-Rex performing the awesome ‘Children of the revolution’


Anna Dello Russo accessorises H&M

She is the absolute queen of quirky accessories and italian bling, the editor-at-large at Vogue Japan branded  ‘fashion supermaniac’ and she has now created a line of accessories for H&M.

Available in stores from 4th of October, the collection includes sunglasses, jewellery, hats, shoes and handbags – and even a particularly stylish suitcase.

“I am excited by this collaboration – it’s the first time H&M has involved a fashion director in a special project,” said Dello Russo. “This is the sign of an important evolution in fashion, and I am both thrilled and humbled to be the one chosen to lead it. I wanted to create precious accessories that are impossible to find.  As a stylist I know accessorising is essential – it is the personal touch to any outfit. With these pieces everybody can have fun, turning an ordinary day into a fantastic fashion day.” (

This lady surely knows how to make her day special! Not mentioning she is looking hotter than hell at the age of 50 – we love you Anna!

Cycle and draw!

So I started cycling to work this week and my bike is all I can think of – so many questions! How to sweat less and cycle with grace? How to be safe AND stylish, how to deal with the rain, what colour backpack to chose? How to get away with cycling on pavement? Why aren’t the other cyclists smiling? Before I work out the answers, I have collected some awesome bike art from Pinterest:











Check out my inspiration Pinterest board for RedHairDay Vintage & Creative:

Style over Speed

As of next week I am starting a new job which means cycling to work every day and I am beyond excited! I have seen many beautiful and stylish girls on their bikes in London and Paris and really want to check out Copenhagen which is famous as a capital of city cycling.  I have collected some photos of cool girls on their bikes below and although I am not brave enough to cycle without a helmet, I will sure have fun finding new ways of cycle-dressing up.

This is my favourite photo…she is so beautiful I almost overlooked her prosthetic leg. Moving and inspiring..amazing shot!

All photos by

Both photos by Jak & Jil

All photos by Horst Friedrichs

Madonna Mia!

I totally missed Her Madgesty’s birthday last week – belated Happy Birthday to the Queen of Pop! Why oh why do people make all those nasty comments about her? Yes I agree, her music might not be anywhere as good as she used to be but I will forever cherish Immaculate Collection.  Yes she might be trying a bit too hard but I admire her work ethic, her ability to change looks so easily and successfully and also her fearless approach to life. Yes her films were never good and she made so many wrong choices but life is nothing but boring if you don’t try new things. It is comforting to know that even the rich, talented and famous can fail! And would I wear hot pants and fishnet tights at 54? ABSOLUTELY if I had her body. Plus, she is a pop star, remember, she can wear whatever she wants..8)) Here are some of her best looks through the years:

I want to live in Moonrise Kingdom

Its been a couple of months since I have seen this film but I think of it often because I loved it so much. Too long ago I have watched anything so sweet, funny, clever, touching and extremely well styled at the same time. This is a film which will make you remember your first teenage love, those long summers when you were little and it will also make you somehow believe in future. And it really made me want to produce that amazing shoulder bag/carrier so I could take my cat with me everywhere 8))










All photos found through Google.

My own little Moonrise Kingdom in Norfolk

The recycled cottage

I discovered this precious little cottage in Cornwall in which 95% of everything is recycled. It was a cowshed only 10 years ago and what the owners did with it is truly inspiring! This gorgeous place in the middle of nowhere is just what stressed out Londoners need and we such had a lovely time.

The place is filled with antiques

I have never slept in an antique bed before

Many features are recycled from boats

Back when the travel was desperately romantic

This bathroom makes you feel like you are in a submarine!

All antique lamps are cleverly upcycled to electric ones

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