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I sell unique upcycled vintage and original vintage clothing here:

Vintage is amazing as we all know but sometimes I find garments which need a little bit of help to bring them into the 21st century. Maybe the fit is too frumpy or too boxy (and not in a cool Grace Jones way) or maybe I feel that if I cut something off or add something up I will be making the most out of the beautiful fabric. My changes are subtle; I do like to keep the original ‘feel’ of the garment.

• I only sell things I would want to wear myself (some of my hand picked and restyled items never end up on the website haha)
• I only sell things of great quality and without any odours or major stains/holes present
• Yes there are so many other vintage sellers – but I make sure that my items are always cherry-picked and highly chic and fashionable, one of a kind and special and fit for 21st century look

So why RedHairDay?
Red colour hair for me means beautiful. Full of adventure, fun, mischief and sometimes mystery. Yes we all know that red heads were forever bullied and persecuted and sometimes burned alive (eek!) – but that is only the product of human fear towards someone who is different (and a minority). Thankfully times are changing. I myself am not a natural red head, but always wish I was and I spent quite a few years of my life colouring my hair different shades of red. These were my most fun times and my husband (who fell in love with me as a red head) is always asking me to dye my hair red again. Red is strong, sexy and powerful. My clothes symbolise this attitude and are suited best for people who like to have fun and are not afraid to be a little bit different.


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