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Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly.

Yes the Autumn is most definitely here. Sigh. So unless you are lucky enough to live in Australia or somewhere forever hot and sunny, you better make a list of things you love about autumn. Trust me, you will be surprised how many you shall find! Number one? A CAPE! You don’t even have to go very far to find an awesome, cuddly and stylish vintage cape: is here to help. Take your pick:

Vintage 60's Long Camel Cape with Belt

AUTUMN SALE  Vintage 1960's-70's Plaid Wool Mod Blue and Green Cape

Vintage 60s 70s Cape Poncho

Lil Red Riding -EPIC Vintage Raspberry Cape Coat

60s Vintage Green Wool Cape

Vintage military style navy cape with matching mini-dress

Vintage 1970s Pendleton Wool Cape

Vintage 60's 70's Ethnic Cape Coat // Native American Poncho Sweater


Crazy April Showers

Whatever your style and dress code, you need something rain proof and also warm this April! I found the best shower proof coats for you on Etsy – you will look super-stylish in any of these vintage gems!XxX

60s Sunny Yellow Mod Raincoat with Small Collar and Big Buttons Size M

Vintage Purple Raincoat / Hooded Raincoat / Berry Sorbet Belted Trench Coat

JORDACHE 1980s Red Raincoat Rain Hooded SAILING JACKET Slicker Mens Medium M Nautical Styling

Sale- 1960s Raincoat. Trench Coat. Tiger Animal Print. Safari. Tribal Fashion. Mad Men Fashion. Office Fashion. Spring. Summer. Size Large

90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Block Raincoat Jacket

Vintage Cropped Leather Biker Jacket 1980s

80s Avant Garde Lipstick Red Batwing Jacket (L/XL)

Get some crazy pants

Printed trousers are everywhere this spring. They are lots of fun and the shops are coming up with some great stuff. Of course, it has all been done before and if you fancy a vintage pair, you know where to look:

Cigarette Pants for Rockabilly Pinup Girls - Vintage Tropical Capris

80s High Waist Pants - Knit Pants - Geometric Print - Floral Print - Hipster Pants - High Waist Trousers - Tapered Pants - 4 6 8 S M

Vtg High Waist Retro Floral Printed Pants w Pockets

Aqua Blue Abstract Print Leggings

80's 'Palm Beach Pink' Floral Print Nordstrom High Waist Pants (Size: Medium/Large)

Vintage 90's Women's Funky High Waisted Leggings

Where do I want to be tomorrow instead of work and what would I be wearing (part 4)

I miss Dubai! I fell in love with this incredible city a few years ago. It is a very new city, you will not find much history here but ridiculous amounts of luxury and all things opulent. A bit like Babylon – you remember that story. Everything is ‘the best in the world’. 8) It is also a place of exotic beauty which will take your breath away – the bellydancers, the spices drying out in colourful heaps in that bright eternal sunshine, the whitest sand and unbelievably turquoise sea, the cool desert and comforting architecture. So tomorrow I want to go back to Dubai, to start the day on a boat slowly drifting down the Creek, drinking iced coffee in the sun, then to be picked up to go off on a desert safari, eat dates, smoke a hookah and dance under the stars on the persian carpets, no shoes needed…

My dreamy outfit as usual found on

70s Boho Burner Tie Dye Gauzy Harem Jumpsuit, medium

Turban headband-- Arabian Night Half Turban

Arabian Nights Fantasy Pink and Purple Crystal Moroccan Chandelier Earrings

Arabian Nights Hardcover Vintage Illustrated Book 1984

Super (Faux) Furry Animals

Pretty soon it will be time to wrap up into something very cosy when going out  ice skating or strolling through the park. Apparently ice age is coming our way, so ladies, be prepared! Check out this marvelous selection of faux fur coats from

1950s Faux Fur Animal Print Leopard Red Wool Cape Coat Reversible Tribal Fall Fashion Autumn Clothing

Faux Fur Fluffy Oversized Batwing Toggle Ribbed Slouchy Coat Large

Vintage Faux Fur Shrug Cape

70s Faux Fur Coat SIlver Grey Mouton Fur Trim

50s coat mink fur simulated princetons formal glam rivals nature

VINTAGE 1960's Original LEOPARD Faux Fur Print Evening Jacket Dress Cape Coat M/L

Where do I want to be tomorrow instead of work and what would I be wearing (part 3)

This past weekend was spent dressing up and it is always so much fun I am happy to keep it going for the actual Halloween tomorrow. Allow me to dream  and transport somewhere much hotter and more colourful: Rio carnival.

Go crazy on Etsy!!!

VA VA VOOM 1950's Sparkling Showgirl Gold Sequin Romper Playsuit - Stretchy - Sweetheart Bust - Halloween - Burlesque Pinup - Size M to L

Versace Versus Vintage 90s Purple Velvet and Gold Lion Jacket M Medium

Handmade Black Clog Shoe Mixed Stud Wood High Heel Mad Maxine CUSTOM ORDER Karen Kell Collection

Sass and Sequins burlesque headdress

RedHairDay new collection

Check out my new collection ‘MTV girl’, sourced in California, restyled in London:

CHARLIE upcycled mini dress SMALL

RUBY upcycled cool T-shirt with fringing SMALL

GIANNI upcycled vintage mini dress SMALL

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