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Get Cape.Wear Cape.Fly.

Yes the Autumn is most definitely here. Sigh. So unless you are lucky enough to live in Australia or somewhere forever hot and sunny, you better make a list of things you love about autumn. Trust me, you will be surprised how many you shall find! Number one? A CAPE! You don’t even have to go very far to find an awesome, cuddly and stylish vintage cape: is here to help. Take your pick:

Vintage 60's Long Camel Cape with Belt

AUTUMN SALE  Vintage 1960's-70's Plaid Wool Mod Blue and Green Cape

Vintage 60s 70s Cape Poncho

Lil Red Riding -EPIC Vintage Raspberry Cape Coat

60s Vintage Green Wool Cape

Vintage military style navy cape with matching mini-dress

Vintage 1970s Pendleton Wool Cape

Vintage 60's 70's Ethnic Cape Coat // Native American Poncho Sweater


I want to live in Moonrise Kingdom

Its been a couple of months since I have seen this film but I think of it often because I loved it so much. Too long ago I have watched anything so sweet, funny, clever, touching and extremely well styled at the same time. This is a film which will make you remember your first teenage love, those long summers when you were little and it will also make you somehow believe in future. And it really made me want to produce that amazing shoulder bag/carrier so I could take my cat with me everywhere 8))










All photos found through Google.

My own little Moonrise Kingdom in Norfolk

Coleen goes retro

Whether you are a fan of Coleen or not, I thought you would enjoy these cool photos she did with the legendary British photographer Terry O’Neill, who has worked with so many icons including Audrey Hepburn, The Queen, Michael Caine, David Bowie and Mick Jagger. As Littlewoods celebrates its 80th birthday, the store has recreated some of its most iconic catalogue covers from throughout the decades. Check it out, I love the 80s!!

Original 1930'sColeen Rooney 1930's


Original 1960'sColeen Rooney 1960's


The original 1970s campaignColeen Rooney 1970's


Original 1980'sColeen Rooney 1980's


See more of Terry’s work here:

All photos from Daily Mail Online.

My summer icon

My style icon for this summer is Brigitte Bardot. I always loved her photos and the strong mix of femininity and innocence. I love her hair, her sunglasses, her cropped trousers, her summer dresses, her stripes and gingham…and that certain je ne sais quoi about her!

All images from Google search engine.

DIY bleached denim shorts

Today I will show you how to transform a regular pair of denim cut-offs to a pair of shorts which will get you noticed!


You will need:

1. denim shorts

2. regular supermarket thin bleach

3. glass bowl/jar

4. large fabric scissors (if you want to make your shorts smaller=hotter)

5. sharp tweezers

6. studs (optional, but recommended for higher impact)

7. rubber gloves (highly recommended, especially if you have not worked with bleach before)

Its easy and quick, so let’s start.


1.Take a pair of denim shorts which fit you well – the darker the denim, the bigger the contrast will be. These are high waisted from the 80s and at the moment they look like they should be worn by Baby from Dirty Dancing 8))

bleach 1

2. Get your bleach and glass bowl ready in the bathroom and put on your rubber gloves

bleach 2

3. Put the glass bowl/jar inside the bathtub and fill it with bleach – the more you put in, the more denim will get bleached, so be careful with the amount.

bleach 3

4. Squeeze the shorts into the jar and leave them for about 45 minutes.

bleach 4

5. Check how pale is the denim – if not pale enough, leave for another 20-40 minutes. It depends on the thickness of the denim and the quality of the bleach.


6. When happy with the colour, carefully pull the shorts out and wash the bleach out with cold water (best using the shower). Then wash the shorts in the washing machine (on their own) on 60 degrees (unless your shorts are really worn and the fabric is very thin, then wash on 40).


7. When dry, cut the shorts as desired.


8. Pull out the threads with sharp scissors to get the frayed effect – this will take a little time so patience is required.


9. Decide where would the studs look best and attach them to the fabric.

shorts ready back

10. Tah-Dah your new shorts are ready!


Have loads of fun wearing them! And if you are not patient enough to make your own, but this exact pair here:


The Queen of Disco

If you love disco, you love this lady. RIP you gorgeous sparkly siren, you always make me wanna dance! XXX

Crazy April Showers

Whatever your style and dress code, you need something rain proof and also warm this April! I found the best shower proof coats for you on Etsy – you will look super-stylish in any of these vintage gems!XxX

60s Sunny Yellow Mod Raincoat with Small Collar and Big Buttons Size M

Vintage Purple Raincoat / Hooded Raincoat / Berry Sorbet Belted Trench Coat

JORDACHE 1980s Red Raincoat Rain Hooded SAILING JACKET Slicker Mens Medium M Nautical Styling

Sale- 1960s Raincoat. Trench Coat. Tiger Animal Print. Safari. Tribal Fashion. Mad Men Fashion. Office Fashion. Spring. Summer. Size Large

90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Block Raincoat Jacket

Vintage Cropped Leather Biker Jacket 1980s

80s Avant Garde Lipstick Red Batwing Jacket (L/XL)

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