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Onesies – would you?

I must say I have always been a fan. You know, when you are sick, but not sick enough to be in bed.. just what are you going to wear to keep warm? A onesie with rabbit ears to cheer you up! When you want to do some yoga on Sunday morning but its soo cold you can barely move: onesie will keep your back warm in downward dog. A cute one, a funny one, a ridiculous one  or even a sexy one – take your pick and snuggle up!

Limited Edition Yellow Polka Dot Onesie





I want to live in Moonrise Kingdom

Its been a couple of months since I have seen this film but I think of it often because I loved it so much. Too long ago I have watched anything so sweet, funny, clever, touching and extremely well styled at the same time. This is a film which will make you remember your first teenage love, those long summers when you were little and it will also make you somehow believe in future. And it really made me want to produce that amazing shoulder bag/carrier so I could take my cat with me everywhere 8))










All photos found through Google.

My own little Moonrise Kingdom in Norfolk

Our Queen

We are celebrating Queen’s Jubilee this weekend and the streets of Britannia are getting ready for a big party.

If you are a huge fan and planning to dress like a queen for the day, here are some fine examples of Queen Elizabeth’s style.

By the way, did you know that The Queen collected clothing coupons for her wedding dress (in 1947)?

All photos found through Google search engine.

Alexander the Great

Today marked two years since McQueen’s death. I have recently come across this amazing book showcasing his work in a very beautiful way. The book is essentially a catalogue from the exhibition curated by Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York during summer 2011.The Exhibition was named Savage Beauty and my friend has loaned it to me for inspiration – and what an inspiration it is!



The front cover is holographic (Toby knows exactly what this technique is called!) and McQueen portrait changes in front of you into a chrome skull














This is your darkest fashion fantasy genius!

Where do I want to be tomorrow instead of work and what would I be wearing (part7)

Happy New Year! I am in a serious need of a detox and some hot sunshine, so this Sunday eve I am dreaming of a yoga retreat in India: so heart-warming, spirit-awakening and body-rejuvenating  that even 24 hours would do magic!  This is all I need – thank you Etsy and Holistic Silk:

Batik Hippie Pants Blue Floral Yoga Pants Gypsy Fisherman Harem Jumpsuit Tube Top Playsuit

Taj Majal Batik yoga Eco friendly ribbed Tank Top women Brown Size XS, S, M, L, XL  - Ready to ship -

Yoga Mat

Yoga and Therapy .. vintage book The Yoga Sadhakas

Where do I want to be tomorrow instead of work and what would I be wearing (part 6)

For once I actually think I would like to be somewhere in the mountains, skiing. I love it, to be so high up, so close to the sky. The crisp air, the sharp sunshine and lots of sparkling snow –  the fun way to do winter. I always chose a beach holiday over mountains though so I have not been skiing for years..but this is a little fantasy, so tomorrow I’d love to rock the slopes and I have already found my perfect outfit on So let’s live it up just like in Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ video!!! And don’t forget to bring your flask with hot toddy ;o)

vintage SKY BLUE Outerwear Skea Paris SALE Snow Coat Suit archive5collection SALE

vintage snow boots // faux fur apres ski boots size 8

Red Skeleton Flask -cameo

Where do I want to be tomorrow instead of work and what would I be wearing (part 4)

I miss Dubai! I fell in love with this incredible city a few years ago. It is a very new city, you will not find much history here but ridiculous amounts of luxury and all things opulent. A bit like Babylon – you remember that story. Everything is ‘the best in the world’. 8) It is also a place of exotic beauty which will take your breath away – the bellydancers, the spices drying out in colourful heaps in that bright eternal sunshine, the whitest sand and unbelievably turquoise sea, the cool desert and comforting architecture. So tomorrow I want to go back to Dubai, to start the day on a boat slowly drifting down the Creek, drinking iced coffee in the sun, then to be picked up to go off on a desert safari, eat dates, smoke a hookah and dance under the stars on the persian carpets, no shoes needed…

My dreamy outfit as usual found on

70s Boho Burner Tie Dye Gauzy Harem Jumpsuit, medium

Turban headband-- Arabian Night Half Turban

Arabian Nights Fantasy Pink and Purple Crystal Moroccan Chandelier Earrings

Arabian Nights Hardcover Vintage Illustrated Book 1984

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