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OMG more cat fashion!

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I love cats. A very lucky owner of a gorgeous feline friend, my cat Mickey rather likes  his bow ties when he feels like dressing up!

However it is NOT EASY to take photos of these little creatures.. They fiddle, they jump, they want to sniff your camera, they want treats!

I have recently discovered an amazing boutique on ETSY which not only stocks awesome handmade feline fashion, but the photography is beautiful! Check out these fun fun fun photos and buy a gift for your puss.

White Felt Beret

Dog 15-16in Twin Cherries tie and round collar

White point collar with flower interchangeable tie

Houndstooth sectioned Beret with Pompom for Cat

Lace edge Baby collar for cat, choose green&white, all white, or red and white


Cycle and draw!

So I started cycling to work this week and my bike is all I can think of – so many questions! How to sweat less and cycle with grace? How to be safe AND stylish, how to deal with the rain, what colour backpack to chose? How to get away with cycling on pavement? Why aren’t the other cyclists smiling? Before I work out the answers, I have collected some awesome bike art from Pinterest:











Check out my inspiration Pinterest board for RedHairDay Vintage & Creative:

Something to cuddle and squeeze

I found these amazingly soft , gorgeous and totally adorable fabric kitties in my local pet shop as part of this year’s art trail. If you don’t have a real fluffy pet and like cuddly toys, these are very special… treat yourself or your loved one! Made by ‘Mice Made This’.  For enquiries e-mail:

CAT walk this way

New cat accessories coming up soon on as little Mickey has finally signed the modelling contract with us.

He was playing hard to get and so it took  some organic chicken and a few kitty treats to bribe him! 

He also insisted that his little brother Ikea will get in this  shot   8)

All profits will be donated to a private cat rescue Little Darlings in Chingford, East London. These ladies work so very hard to rescue, rehome and help all these kitties in every way possible. Please share their facebook link if you know of any good people who are able and willing to foster or adopt a kitty:

Check out these fun little things some owners made for their little darlings.  Some might say OTT but I love it!

The Witch Cat Hat


Mohawk Cat Hat - Pink and White

Sombrero for Cats or Dogs - Pink Fancy

CAT JUMPER SWEATER Peterbald, Cornish Rex, Sphinx. Your pet, your way

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