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Awesome stocking fillers

Etsy is a true online Christmas gift wonderland – and with some of these, you can even pretend you have ‘made it yourself’  ;o)

Bright Neon Green Merino Roving 4 oz

Man Gift Set Beard Conditioner Wash Cream Wild Man Gift Basket Box

Grey Frost Monster by Stuffed Silly, Plush Toy Collectible, Soft Art Doll Yeti

Fairytale Tea

Genuine Leather Short Gloves - Black - Sheepskin - Women - Winter Fall - Handmade - Free Shipping

wool embroidered Meowy Christmas Holiday Elf Hood for cat plus free catnip toy

Vintage Elgin AMerican Powder Compact Mirror Elgin American


OMG more cat fashion!

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I love cats. A very lucky owner of a gorgeous feline friend, my cat Mickey rather likes  his bow ties when he feels like dressing up!

However it is NOT EASY to take photos of these little creatures.. They fiddle, they jump, they want to sniff your camera, they want treats!

I have recently discovered an amazing boutique on ETSY which not only stocks awesome handmade feline fashion, but the photography is beautiful! Check out these fun fun fun photos and buy a gift for your puss.

White Felt Beret

Dog 15-16in Twin Cherries tie and round collar

White point collar with flower interchangeable tie

Houndstooth sectioned Beret with Pompom for Cat

Lace edge Baby collar for cat, choose green&white, all white, or red and white

Halloween is upon us

Halloween is the next big thing in social calendar – this is our chance to be silly, wicked and over-the-top before everything goes all White Christmas. If you like to dress up,  maybe you also like to decorate your home with everything and anything from spiderwebs and skulls to pumpkins and zombies. Some like it freaky, some like it funny and some just mix it all up. Etsy is the best place to find your inspiration and to buy one-off handmade bits to make your home special. What I found for you is so cool, you might just want to keep it hanging around for the rest of the year – and why not? Mwahahahahaha 8)

Halloween Flying Bats Vinyl Wall Decal, Flying Bats Halloween Decor for Wall or Window Decorations

Halloween Decorations Bunting Sugar Skull Garland

OWLS & BATS Halloween Original Painting 8X10 Spooky Tree Crazy Eyed Owl Eerie Orange Sky Birds Nest Demon Eyed Bat Animal Art by K Graham

Zombie Garden Fingers

Marilyn Monroe Zombie Doll Art Print by Carissa Rose 8x10

Huge Zombie Halloween Decoration Vinyl Wall Decal Photo Backdrop

Vintage Beistle Halloween Bunting, DIY Printable

Black Cat Ornaments - Halloween Decor - Black Cats in Witch Hats

Halloween Decor Raven Porcelain Plate - Crawford

DIY bleached denim shorts

Today I will show you how to transform a regular pair of denim cut-offs to a pair of shorts which will get you noticed!


You will need:

1. denim shorts

2. regular supermarket thin bleach

3. glass bowl/jar

4. large fabric scissors (if you want to make your shorts smaller=hotter)

5. sharp tweezers

6. studs (optional, but recommended for higher impact)

7. rubber gloves (highly recommended, especially if you have not worked with bleach before)

Its easy and quick, so let’s start.


1.Take a pair of denim shorts which fit you well – the darker the denim, the bigger the contrast will be. These are high waisted from the 80s and at the moment they look like they should be worn by Baby from Dirty Dancing 8))

bleach 1

2. Get your bleach and glass bowl ready in the bathroom and put on your rubber gloves

bleach 2

3. Put the glass bowl/jar inside the bathtub and fill it with bleach – the more you put in, the more denim will get bleached, so be careful with the amount.

bleach 3

4. Squeeze the shorts into the jar and leave them for about 45 minutes.

bleach 4

5. Check how pale is the denim – if not pale enough, leave for another 20-40 minutes. It depends on the thickness of the denim and the quality of the bleach.


6. When happy with the colour, carefully pull the shorts out and wash the bleach out with cold water (best using the shower). Then wash the shorts in the washing machine (on their own) on 60 degrees (unless your shorts are really worn and the fabric is very thin, then wash on 40).


7. When dry, cut the shorts as desired.


8. Pull out the threads with sharp scissors to get the frayed effect – this will take a little time so patience is required.


9. Decide where would the studs look best and attach them to the fabric.

shorts ready back

10. Tah-Dah your new shorts are ready!


Have loads of fun wearing them! And if you are not patient enough to make your own, but this exact pair here:


Happy Easter

So it is Easter Friday tomorrow and I just realised that I have forgotten to send Easter greeting cards to my family..again! Then I found these gorgeous vintage ones and so I have decided to be eco-friendly instead and send these via e-mail. Happy Spring Fest everyone!!!

Dancing in the Moonlight

The icy cold full moon last night has inspired me to think of all things celestial and the wonders of the universe. We capture it on film and photos, rather well these days, and ask, what does is really look like out there? Many artists are fascinated by the colours of the universe and project the images onto clothing, accessories and home decor. Check out this selection of handmade and vintage from Etsy:

Hubble Deep Field Pleated Galaxy Skirt.

Vintage Altered The Mountain Howling Wolf Moon T Shirt - Large

Full Moon Necklace Pendant Glow In The Dark

My Moon, My Man Loose Crop Tee - womens tshirt - one size fits all - moon screenprint on American Apparel heather black

Galaxy Painted Shoes

Moon Shirt - The E.T. cycling parody Super Soft Premium Tee Shirt - white full Moon on black -Mens / Unisex LARGE

Vintage southwestern howl in the moon gold and silver tone pierced Earrings (P68)

Harvest Moon Clock

Unexpected Beauty

Sometimes you find beauty where you would least expect it. Like these colourful mosaics in my tube station (which I use every day). I have only noticed these after three years of using this station!!! And I am guessing they have been there for long, long time. Shows me how withdrawn I usually am whilst there, waiting for a train…

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