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‘Net of being’

When researching for my screen printing course, I came across Alex Grey‘s paintings which seem to have a huge impact on me. I have seen some of these images before but I never knew who created them. Alex Grey is an American artist specializing in spiritual and psychedelic art.

When he was a student he had a series of mystical experiences induced by psychoactive substances (used in a spiritual context) and this transformed his way of seeing the world.  He also spent five years at Harvard Medical School working in the Anatomy department studying the body and later worked at Harvard’s department of Mind/Body Medicine, conducting scientific experiments to investigate subtle healing energies.

Grey’s unique series of 21 life-sized paintings, the Sacred Mirrors, takes the viewer on a journey toward their own divine nature by examining  the body, mind, and spirit in detail. The Sacred Mirrors present the physical and subtle anatomy of an individual in the context of cosmic, biological and technological evolution. Begun in 1979, the series took a period of ten years to complete.

Grey’s paintings have been featured in venues as diverse as the album art of Tool, the Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Newsweek Magazine, the Discovery Channel, rave flyers and  sheets of blotter acid.



‘Love is a cosmic force’



Message from Alex Grey:

‘In a cosmos of billions of galaxies,

In a galaxy of billions of stars,

There is a planet with billions of people –

The only one we know of –

And every breath we breathe is a miracle.

Our hearts pump.

We see.

We feel.

We taste.

We touch our world.

And sometimes we forget the pure wonder

Of our brief journey on earth.

My life is commited to making artwork

That wakes people up to the miracle of life,

The value of being human

And the transformative power of love.

There are moments when we see behind

The opaque curtain of life.

When the infinite one

Shines through the skin of the beloved

And we recognize the game we are in,

The journey we are on,

The powerful beings that we are,

And the truth that is worth living for.’

I think The Sacred Mirrors paintings should be taught and explained in school books – who has decided that human anatomy is more important than our mind, spirit and energetic fields? Or is it only the Western world that omitted this part of the package?

View the Sacred Mirrors here:

The artist in the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors.


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