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This girl is cool

Funky and fashionable sportswear? Does it exist in Europe? I don’t know…if you know of any, please do tell! However, Cali ladies do it well.

Especially this talented beauty who I found on Etsy and been admiring her stuff ever since.

Rev it Up Cardio Blast Retro Capri

Not only she designes and makes these awesome clothes,  she herself is a dancer, fitness enthusiast and a beach lover which all shows in her designs (and she also looks incredible!).

Asymmetrical Criss Cross Black Scoop Sports Bra

You can find Jennifer Morco’s profile and shop on Etsy and here is a little bit about her work:

‘I really don’t believe in trends. Instead, designing pieces that are versatile and can easily translate to “anytime, any season and anywhere”. I relax and let my heart do its job. The striking colors, bold patterns, intriguing cuts and its unique characteristics is it’s nature. I have made everything from yoga wear, dance to cross training, bags, accessories and even men’s wear. You will find pieces here that are made of new and recycled materials. I only use high quality materials and hard to find textiles. My workout pieces are made mostly of durable hard working materials that could take a lot of beating. Expression and play are crucial part of my design. The contrast of this uplifting blend is to bring energy into the dance floor, workouts and to day-to-day living… ‘

Would love to see girls dressed like this in London gyms, yoga studios and on the dance floor!

Note:all photos taken from Jennifer’s shop on Etsy:


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