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New York-based artist Eric Cahan created his Sky Series at a carefully chosen hour of morning or evening during his extensive travels.

“During my travels, I discover what I want to document. My works are titled to remind me of the experience, both visually and spiritually. Very little Photoshop is used.  The actual process is done with colored resin filters I make myself and hold in front of the lens before I shoot a picture. When a color filter is used against a blue sky, it always alters the color of the sky. My mission is to capture light. Light is the true subject of this series: its constant mystery, the way it shifts and colors everything around it in nature. My work is meant to capture a moment in nature, asking and empowering the viewer to be fully present, involved, and uplifted. I want the viewer to be drawn in, and be completely absorbed by, rather than separate from, that fleeting moment in time.”

Venice Beach, CA Sunrise 6:19am

The Dunes, Amagansette, NY Sunset 6:47pm

The Dunes, Amagansette, NY Sunset 6:47pm

Manzanillo Costa Rica Sunset 5-09pm

Manzanillo Costa Rica Sunset 5:09pm

Tulum, Mexico Sunrise 6:48am

Tulum, Mexico Sunrise 6:48am

Santa Cruz Sunset 7:21pm

Santa Cruz, CA Sunset 7:21pm

Stinson Beach, CA Sunset 6:34pm

Stinson Beach, CA Sunset 6:34pm

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