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Monthly Archives: March 2012

RedHairDay welcomes Summer

Another busy photo shoot today and London did me proud…Such beautiful hot sunshine and it’s only March – love it!!! Everything is blossoming and my model Eva looks simply stunning! Delicious cupcakes provided by Looking Glass Bakery London. All vintage goodies will soon be available in my shops to buy:







Cover up//stay hip

My normal holiday wardrobe is usually made up from denim shorts, tank tops and little dresses. Therefore everytime I visit a predominantly muslim country,  I have to plan a little about what will I pack. In the more touristy places you can dress as normal (with exception of churches etc.) but it is nice to show respect. It wouldn’t feel right to cover up completely though, especially if you like the sunshine, but you can find relevant clothes which also look cool and hip. Maxi dresses, flowing skirts, pretty shawls and casual tops are just the thing.  If you are lucky enough to have a holiday planned, check out my selection below from Etsy for inspiration.

1970s Dashiki Maxi Dress Angel Sleeve Bell Sleeve 60s 70s Hippie Ethnic Boho Bohemian Cotton Tunic Caftan Red Vintage Medium Large M L XL

Amazing Peacock Maxi Skirt Hippie Long Skirt Art On Skirt Women Black Flowing Skirt XS S M L XL

Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Maxi Dress, Eco dress, Custom color dress, Yellow Boho Hippy Dress,

Dont Worry be Hippy....Indian Print Harem Pants in BLUE

Feather headdress print slouchy Tee

anchor away navy marine sailor tee basic loose fit t shirt striped ediot stripes black

desert rose embroidered gypsy shawl, osfa

The Wild Beauty

I found these wildlife photos by accident – they are just amazing!!!  You cannot top the beauty of the nature with anything produced by humans. The colours, shapes and textures will be our inspiration forever and we must do more to protect the animals and our planet – nobody wants to live in a world where tiger print can only be seen on the high street..

Check out this inspiring travel blog with insanely stunning imagery by Paul & Paveena McKenzie:

Get some crazy pants

Printed trousers are everywhere this spring. They are lots of fun and the shops are coming up with some great stuff. Of course, it has all been done before and if you fancy a vintage pair, you know where to look:

Cigarette Pants for Rockabilly Pinup Girls - Vintage Tropical Capris

80s High Waist Pants - Knit Pants - Geometric Print - Floral Print - Hipster Pants - High Waist Trousers - Tapered Pants - 4 6 8 S M

Vtg High Waist Retro Floral Printed Pants w Pockets

Aqua Blue Abstract Print Leggings

80's 'Palm Beach Pink' Floral Print Nordstrom High Waist Pants (Size: Medium/Large)

Vintage 90's Women's Funky High Waisted Leggings

Marrakech prints

Just back from the city of Marrakech and still marvelling at the beauty. The craftsmanship put into their art and design is truly inspiring, every detail is perfect! Centuries old mosaics and wood carvings are such a joy to look at – everything is real and proper. Even the doorways are beautiful – some are embellished with gold door knockers, some have stunning images carved into them. This city is crazy and chaotic but visually very rich and has been a source of inspiration for many artists including Yves Saint Laurent.












Would you like to buy a carpet?

We are in Marrakech and it is just as expected – the most beautiful colours are competing for your senses with the aroma of oriental oils mixed with spices and thick cloud of car fumes. The overwhelming sense of chaos takes over as soon as you step outside of your riad. Everything is different here and that is fabulous. My obsession number one are the textiles – carpets in particular. One day I will buy the lot and fill our house with them. For now I shall enjoy the awesome tent on the roof terrace of our riad and take a photo of every carpet I can find.










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