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The other day as I was jogging in my grey and muddy London suburbs, I had to add some bright thoughts to my fiery red hoodie to get in the mood. I was imagining that I was running along the beach in Santa Monica, all the way to Venice, wearing just shorts and tank top as the Californian sun is shining even at Christmas time. I need to exercise more in winter to lift the mood and warm up the body and I will be looking for some fluoro accessories to make it even more fun! If you are a winter runner or if getting fit in 2012 is your goal, check out the bright sporty stuff on Etsy:

Vintage Leggings 80s Pink Explosion Lycra Flash Dance style

Mustache Hoodie - I Love Moustache Light Blue Sweatshirt - Unisex Sizes S, M, L, XL

Hot pink with black trim 100% Nylon fingerless gloves & hat set

double knitted Headband Skulls - neon pink and orange


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  1. Hmmm, my wife might like this entry. Nice blog!!! 🙂


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