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The Alternative Christmas Guide

Maybe you are fed up with the high street, maybe you are looking for some fresh ideas and maybe you just like to support small businesses and artists. Either way there is plenty of time to get online shopping. Get inspired by Etsy and check out these cool Christmas decorations and my Original Gift guide.

All from UK sellers:

Three Crocheted Granny Circle Christmas Decorations - Crocheted Decorations

Giant Gingerbread Man Felt Plush Christmas Decoration // Mr Gary G.Bread // Original Design Decoration

5 Sugar Skull Christmas Decorations

What to get for the  classy crafty one:

Vintage Japanese Kimono Silk Flowing Autumn Oriental Scrolling Leaves and Flowers 60ins long

What to get for the loving pet owner:

Small Luxury Union Jack Dog Bed

What to get for the eco conscious home maker:

MEDIUM Upcycled Eco knit fairisle, cable floor cushion pouf hassock, winter brights turquoise cerise mustard jade teal red

What to get for the hot and fashionable one:

GOLD SKINNY BELT black greek geometric pattern geo shapes 80s glam leather flapper chanel style art deco avant garde vintage fashion

What to get for the sweet domestic goddess:

Vintage 3 Tier Cake Stand

What to get for the day dreaming book worm:

Magic Windows-an antique revolving picture book by Ernest Nister

What to get for the dedicated bird lover:

SALE - Porcelain Bird Jewellery Box - French Porcelaine de Paris 'Finch'

What to get for the hippy colour lover:

hand knitted bright frilly scarf in zauberball yarn

What to get for the wild party animal:

Gold Brass and Copper Pillow Purse Necklace Velvet Lined Long Disco Chain

What to get for the hip new mum:

Green Clover Unisex Baby Booties for Lucky Babies

What to get for the sulky goth one:

Gothic Lolita Art Print Goth Girl & Blackbirds - FREE Shipping


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