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Where do I want to be tomorrow instead of work and what would I be wearing (part 1)

So I have decided that I don’t really want to be thinking about work on Sunday night anymore. So the new Sunday evening post will be about what would I be wearing if I could be anywhere I want, anywhere – instead of Monday at work! So here we go, week number one, I wish I was….

….back in Venice beach, Los Angeles. The sun is shining, the hot people are running and cycling past and I have nothing to do, nothing but to spend the day by the ocean, dancing to Robyn. YES!!!

Vintage 70s De WEESE DESIGN Bathing Suit

Vintage Pink Gauze Hawaiian Palm Tree BARE OFF SHOULDER Caftan Fringe Festival Dress

ARCTIC WOLF Hand beaded native american necklace

Poodle and Pin Up Wicker Basket Purse


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  1. WOW! I would do the same … Such a great inspiration and also thank you so much for posting my bathing suit! beijoss


  2. I love this post! Super great finds:) Thank you so much for featuring me!


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