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Bob The Big Issue Cat (L.O.V.E)

OK so this post is not about style or fashion or design, not even vintage. It is about big issues and love and things that touch my heart.I am visiting LA right now and the homeless issue is a problem here just like in other big cities. It makes me think, what can we do, how can we help? If each of us helps a little, gives a little, if we share with others, it really will make a big difference. I want to share this amazing story about an extraordinary friendship, the friendship between James and Bob:

One day about a year ago I was strolling through Denmark Street in London’s West End and I saw a tall man selling Big Issue magazine. A gorgeous ginger tabby is leisurely sprawled over his shoulders, like a fluffy scarf. I had to look twice! The cat seemed so relaxed and happy and I was instantly mesmerized. Do you know how hard it is to convince your cat to go anywhere with you???  Well, not Bob! Bob is happy to roam the streets of London with James, his kind owner. James has told me that he found Bob in his neighbourhood some years ago, he was injured and being picked on by foxes. He took him in and looked after him until Bob got better. Then one day, when James felt that Bob was well again, he opened the front door to expect Bob to run for freedom…But Bob wanted to stay. And he stayed forever. And he comes out with James every day, they walk together, ride the tube together and eat together. I have met them a couple of times since and Bob always looks so well, he has the softest fur and is super friendly and calm. You can see how much these two love each other! These days you can meet them mostly in Angel, so do look out for them, donate some spare cash and give them some love – it will make your heart sing!


Read some more about Bob & James:

Inseparable: musician James Bowen with Bob

This photo from:


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