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March is here, brighten up!

 The cheerful reds and golds of Christmas are long gone and February in grey London makes me crave some bright colours more and more often.

All that my eye seems to be drawn to in the shops are greens, hot pink and reds…oh and how I wish I could wear yellow – you lucky ladies with darker skin, make the most of yellow!

Here are my favourite prints of the moment:



Green is considered to be one of the most healing amongst all colours. It represents spring and new growth. Choose this colour to wear whenever you are embarking on something new or with to turn over a new leaf or anytime you simply want to feel more in-tune with nature. 

Orange urges you to get out into the world and create something grand! It is a very high energy colour, its creativity juices are extremely intoxicating. Wearing orange is fun and can make you feel quite playful. Because of its higly-charged intensity some people can’t comfortably wear this colour.

Wearing pink conveys compassion and an open heart. When people are wearing pink, whether they are male or female, they appear approachable and capable of loving others. If you want to feel heart-connected reach for that pastel pink sweater from your closet to wear. And if pastel colours don’t suit you try on something in bright fuchsia.

Red can really pack a punch when needed. A very powerful colour, wear read whenever you feel a need to portray confidence or would like to boost your self esteem. However, be aware that wearing too much red can make a person come off a little too intimidating to others who may lack self confidence in themselves.

Yellow is the perfect colour to wear whenever you are in need of cheering up. It carries the same healing qualities associated with the sun. It offers warmth, optimism and light. All shades of yellows and golds will help to make you feel happier.

(Excerpt from

Treat yourself to something colourful and lift your spirits before the cherry trees blossom.

Here are some colourful vintage frocks you can find on Etsy : 

You can also find some pretty colourful stuff on the high street – these dresses are from Topshop and Warehouse:


And in case you are not feeling brave enough for a bright outfit, at least paint your nails with a shiny red or orange. My latest favourite is called ‘Big Hair’ 8))


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