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4th of June 2011

Just received sad news that this venue is closing down to be replaced by a Turkish supermarket. 8(

Sad, sad news…



I adore places which are so different you feel like you have opened door into a different country or jumped back a couple of decades. The Standard Music Venue in Walthamstow is one of these places – old school in such a good way!

They have tribute acts on every weekend and you get to see  a great copy of KISS,  Guns N’Roses, Rolling Stones, Blondie and many others.

Animal print, studded leather, chains, New Rock boots and denim older than myself – it’s all here.  Plus lots of beer and friendly people minus  pretentious attitude. Ah, I have not witnessed that old rocker style for a very long time and it inspires me!

Yeah baby, rock’n’roll!


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  1. Argh I walked past this place twice a day for months and months and always meant to go in but never did!
    Lovin’ your blog 🙂
    L xx


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