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Tutus and legwarmers

If you have seen Black Swan and you are also reading my blog,  chances are that you have really enjoyed the costumes in the film.
Most of Nina’s costumes on and off stage were designed by Amy Westcott who has already worked with Aronofsky on The Wrestler.
The white and black swan were a collaboration with Rodarte who have caused a controversy by getting accredited by press widely instead of Westcott.
 Custom garments and separates by professional handmade dancewear brand Yumiko are also used by the ballet troupe in the film.
Here is Westcott talking about her research for Black Swan:
 ‘The most beneficial form of research for me was the relationships I formed with actual ballet dancers from American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet. I watched them in rehearsals and talked to them for hours. It allowed me a view into the ballet world, from watching them break in their shoes to taking off layers during class. I would take their pictures while they were coming and going to classes to get the right feel for outerwear and bags. We really wanted it to be as realistic as possible.’
(Interview excerpt from
The upcoming spring and summer collections have been heavily influenced by Black Swan and ballet itself. Check out David Koma and Erdem who became inspired to such extent they have both sent their models dancing down the catwalks to classical ballet music.
On the high street Topshop is as usual leading the way..
Tchaikovsky was commissioned to write a score for Lebedinoe Ozero (Swan Lake) in May 1875.
And this is a photo of ballerina Irina Baronova as Odette in Swan Lake (by Ballets Russes) in 1930’s
Note: All images were found on the internet via search engines.

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