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Red Hot Red Heads

Happy New Year! I have decided that I will not bore you with the list of my January resolutions, instead I will give you my top 5 famous redheads and I will dress them all in vintage from! Because somehow redheads always look AMAZING in vintage. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know everything!

1. The classic redhead:  Julianne Moore

Darling Julianne I would give you this amazing green dress to wear:

Vtg Apple Green Floral Crochet Dress and Cashmere Wool Wrap

Buy here:

2. My childhood hero: Pippi Longstocking

Pippi, your adventures will inspire me for the rest of my life! Here is something for you, little sailor:

60s mod nautical sailor girl costume / outfit

Buy here:

3. The new one: Emma Stone

Extreme natural beauty, Emma would blossom in this incredible kimono dress:

Vintage 60's Hawaiian Floral KIMONO Sleeve Hourglass Wiggle Wrap Pencil Resort Dress

Buy here:

4. The cartoon beauty: Jessica Rabbit

So very hot! Hollywood glamour just as we like it – and the red hair goes with all the jewel colours:

60s EVENING gown - vintage GLAM evening dress / plunging halter dress party dress beaded rhinestone waist xs/s extra small / small

Buy here:

5. From my MTV days: Miss Lady Kier (Deee Lite)

This lady was so ahead of her time back in the 90s, and so wonderfully retro at the same time!

Vintage 60s Floral Print Mod Romper Playsuit Extra Small On Sale

Buy here:


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  1. Love this! Thanks so much for featuring my dress! I used to love Pippy…I miss those days:)


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